Small conversation about mirrors with a dead poet

Charles Bukowski

A Beginning

when women stop carrying
mirrors with them
everyplace they go
maybe then
they can talk to me
about liberation.

I allowed myself to answer, or, rather, not to answer, but to think about mirrors for awhile

In this twilight I’m starting to think
About wearing a mirror
Wherever I go.
Not out of fear
Of a betraying mascara
Or a paint of disfigured lipstick.
I should have it
As an always open line
Of communication
And instead of staring
Dully into the phone
I should look from time to time
Into small puddle of the mirror
Checking, whether I am still there.

Перевод. Чарльз Буковски


когда женщины прекратят носить
зеркальца с собой
повсюду, куда ни идут,
может, тогда
они смогут заговорить со мной

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